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November 16, 2013
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Naruto OC: Tamanousuke Kuressento by xMoonspirit Naruto OC: Tamanousuke Kuressento by xMoonspirit
Finally here is teh Fullbody of Tamanousuke...
hell took way to long! and I do not even like it...-.-''

:bulletred:Character sheet

:bulletblack:Name: Tamanousuke Kuressento
:bulletblack:Clan: Kuressento-Clan
:bulletblack:Age: 16; 18/19
:bulletblack:Sex: male
:bulletblack:Creature: Human
:bulletblack:Status: alive
:bulletblack:Birthday: 12.11
:bulletblack:Zodiac sign:
:bulletblack:Height: 161cm, 179cm
:bulletblack:Weight: 53kg, 71kg
:bulletblack:Blood type: AB positive
:bulletblack:Religion: He believes in the moon god Tsukigami
:bulletblack:Hair: Black
:bulletblack:Eyes: Blue
:bulletblack:Personality: egoistic, free, almost happy all the time, critic, quiet
:bulletblack:Life story: In Tags for preshippuuden
:bulletblue:He was born ins Sunagakure
:bulletblue:His father never really liked him when he was still a baby
:bulletblue:When he was 3 years old, his father started to attack him and to hurt him
:bulletblue:A few months after the first attack from his father on his sister, her mother took Tamanousuke and Renge with her to Konohagakure
:bulletblue:In Konoha he went to the acadamy
:bulletblue:He was quite good at school
:bulletblue:She educated and also passed the chuuninexams
:bulletblue:He now is preparing himself to become a Jonin
:bulletblue:When the rest tried to search for Sasuke he and his sister tried to find their father to get revenge


:bulletblack:Classification: Shinobi
:bulletblack:Place of residence: Konohagakure; Sunagakure
:bulletblack:Place of birth: Sunagakure
:bulletblack:Rang: Chunin
:bulletblack:Ninja-ID: 012658
:bulletblack:Seishitsuhenka: Water(typical for his clan), So called Moon-Chakra(Kekkei Genkei)
:bulletblack:Team: Searching, actually wants to train a team
:bulletblack:Weapons: Typical Ninja-weapons + a sword that usually is sealed into a scroll
:bulletblack:Strengths: He is quite good in nin and taijutsu, a good strategist
:bulletblack:Weaknesses: He has problems with genjutsu and also with is stamina
:bulletblack:Fighting style: He is both a long range fighter and  a cloes up fighter
:bulletblack:Kuchiyose/Moonspirit: Miy – Moonspirit of Wisdom


:bulletblack:Mother: Miako Kuressento(alive)
:bulletblack:Father: Keito Kuressento(alive)
:bulletblack:Younger Sister: Renge Kuressento(alive)
:bulletblack:Son: Nexon Kuressento/Hariwaba(alive)
:bulletblack:Cousin: Akemi Kuressento(alive)
:bulletblack:Cousin: Takeo Kuressento(alive)


:bulletblack:Clansymbol: A Moon(crescent) that holds a cricle(actually it has a goldish colour)
:bulletblack:What Clan: The Kuressento-Clan is the Clan of the Moon
:bulletblack:Village: Getsugakure - Village hidden under the moon
:bulletblack:Enemy Clan: The Enemy-Clan of the Kuressento-Clan is the Kisho-Clan, because the Kisho-Clan is the Clan of the Sun. Both Clans are fighting for ages now.
:bulletblack:Kekkei Genkei: The so called Moon-Chakra, they can only use it when they have their moon on their forehead. It allows them to use the power of Tsukigami.
:bulletblack:Fighting Style: Everyone from the Kuressento-Clan has Water-Chakra and the Moon-Chakra, they actually use this while fighting
:bulletblack:Outward appearance:
:bulletblue:Blue eyes
:bulletblue:Black or brown hair, some of them have blonde hair but only under 10%, they are called “New moons”
:bulletblue:A moon crescent on their forehead, it can have the colour blue, green, orange or red(from week to strong), the signs of their Kekkei Genkei are blue signs that are going down their face or body, this depends on how strong they use the kekkei genkei.
:bulletblack:Religion: They believe in the Moon god Tsukigami, everybody has to believe in Tsukigami, because they get their powers from him. In the past they were killed when they have not believed in him.
:bulletblack:Kuchiyose: The Kuressentos do not make pakts with animal-Kuchiyoses, but with the Moonspirits. Moonspirits are the guardians of Tsukigami, actually everybody gets a Spirit in their lives, but they can not choose them, the Spirit choose his master. Normally only male Spirits does so but sometimes(like by Tamanousuke) also a female Spirit can form a pakt.
:bulletblack:Founder: It is called that Tsukigami himself made the Clan
:bulletblack:Story(Tags): In progress

:bulletred:Other Ninja-Information

:bulletblack:Ability Parameters
NIN: 4/5
TAI: 3/5
GEN: 1/5
KEN(intelligence): 3/5
RIKI(power): 2/5
SOKU(speed): 2/5
SEI(chakra): 4/5
IN(finger sign): 3/5
Total: 22/40

:bulletblack:Overall abilities: ****
:bulletblack:Potential abilities: *****
:bulletblack:Luck: **


Working on(to lazy now)


:bulletblack:Kuressento means Moon

(c)Tamanousuke Kuressento - :iconxmoonspirit:
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DragonSensation Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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xMoonspirit Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually I am half english so I understand and speak english quite well so you do not have to use a translator to speak to me
and well I do not want you to do that
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